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Leadership Circles


"Creating more confident and successful leaders"

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ABN: 44117535904

Independent Confidential Leadership Development

Leadership Circles are regular meetings
of leaders and managers with similar job challenges meeting monthly over 10-12 months

 Leadership Circles have been operating successfully
in Australia since 1999.

They have been used by leaders and managers, in both corporate and educational enterprises, to help themselves improve their performance and job satisfaction through working more productively with others.

They are equal status, collaborative, challenging and confidential gatherings where participants 
learn from each other about achievement of
organisational goals and about balance between organisational goals and personal goals.

30-40 hours of Leadership Development
Facilitator: Ken Gilbert

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 Requests for copies of three evaluation reports prepared by Professor Emeritus Brian Hansford, Testimonials from past Circle members, and the history of Leadership Circles in Australia are invited. Please contact me as above.