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Ken Gilbert has been an independent and confidential leadership and organisation development consultant since 1990.

Ken's experience and continued learning provide confidential and relevant services to the individuals and organisations with whom, and with which, he works.

Ken has consulted since 1990 to a wide range of organisations (and people) in all Australian States, in New Zealand and internationally, in private enterprise and public and community service. He brings demonstrated knowledge and skills in facilitating Organisation, Leadership and Management Development and Customer Service Excellence to his work.

Ken has played a major role in introducing the leaders, the research, the programs and the developmental processes of the Centre for Creative Leadership (USA) - (CCL) to his clients in Australia and has worked as an Australia-based adjunct of CCL.,
Ken has also offered a trademarked leadership development process titled “Leadership Circles’ to his clients since 1998.

Prior to his current consulting activities, Ken Gilbert has worked as: teacher, in-service educator, leader and inspector of secondary schools (formerly Principal of Newmarket and Benowa State High Schools in Queensland); Training and Development Manager (BHP-Utah Coal) and Customer and Staff Services Manager(Australian Airlines). He has worked full-time for: Education Queensland; Presbyterian (now Uniting) Christian Education; BHP-Utah Coal; Australian Airlines; and Qantas Airways.

Ken's leadership and facilitation of performance improvement strategies within organisations and as an external consultant is well documented.

As a school Principal, Ken has been recognised for leading high performing and innovative schools and school teams that consult closely with parents and communities. Ken has had a leading role in introducing Work Experience Programs to Queensland Schools, pioneering cooperative programs between secondary schools and TAFE Colleges, early work in School Councils, professional development of School Principals and more recently performing a “confidential critical friend” role in State and Non-State Schools.

Ken has been a committed member of Rotary International and is an honorary member of, and the recipient of the Paul Harris Fellowship, from the Rotary Club of Brisbane Planetarium currently being a member of the Armidale Central Rotary Club.

Ken holds degrees in Commerce, Education and Educational Administration awarded by The University of Queensland and The University of Alberta (Canada). He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a National Fellow of The Australian College of Educational Leaders.

Ken lives in Armidale New South Wales Australia and has a presence on LinkedIn and Facebook. Contact Ken on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 61 0418 888 397

This continuing service flows from the other services offered or through specific request often enhanced by using one of the three CCL developmental processes.


This as for all my services are strictly confidential as my clients say “Ken doesn’t belong and doesn’t talk!”

 Some times this is offered through other organisations to which I belong.

 I offer a non-judgemental responsive conversation  helping mutual learning. This often builds on the leadership effectiveness research of The Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL).

 I encourage my clients, colleagues and friends to develop the beneficial relationship I have with CCL especially through CCL’s myccl online global community.

Centre for Creative Leadership

Ken Gilbert has facilitated the Centre for Creative Leadership (USA), Executive Dimensions, Benchmarks and Skillscope proces seswith over 300 executives and other managers of private enterprise, public service and not-for-profit organisations since 1994.

Ken Gilbert is an Australia based adjunct staff member of the Centre for Creative Leadership.

Significant confidentiality guarantees underline these processes. Ken's practice emphasises the Developmental dimension of the feedback and delivers constructive developmental plans with a commitment to ongoing service and support.

Personal References are available from Chief Executives and other executives and managers who have participated in these processes.


These instruments and other products include:

BENCHMARKS FOR EXECUTIVES: A Multi-rater (360°) process for very senior Board level executives, available since 2002. Based on the work of BORMAN and BRUSH (1993), YUKL (1984) and CCL Research (1998). Three factors: leading the business, leading others, leading by personal example.

BENCHMARKS FOR MANAGERS: A Multi-rater (360°) process that assesses 16 Leadership Skills and Perspectives and enhances the Development process, especially for Executives and Senior Managers. (This instrument is built on the research conducted on Executive Development by McCall, Lombardo and Morrison).

SKILLSCOPE: A Multi-rater (360°) process that assesses management skills and qualities and enhances the Development process, for Managers and Supervisors at all levels. (This instrument is based on the work of Mintzberg, Stewart, Sayles, Kotter, McCall and Kaplan) (For both Benchmarks and Skillscope Individual and Group Reports are available)

These processes assisted by the following self-report instruments:



The "LEARNING TACTICS INVENTORY" This instrument is designed to help a manager understand how he/she learns: to be used as a guide in helping a manager expand the variety of ways in which he/she learns.


Leadership Circles


"Creating more confident and successful leaders"

“Leadership Circles” is a Registered Trademark
of Ken Gilbert
ABN: 44117535904

Independent Confidential Leadership Development

Leadership Circles are regular meetings
of leaders and managers with similar job challenges meeting monthly over 10-12 months

 Leadership Circles have been operating successfully
in Australia since 1999.

They have been used by leaders and managers, in both corporate and educational enterprises, to help themselves improve their performance and job satisfaction through working more productively with others.

They are equal status, collaborative, challenging and confidential gatherings where participants 
learn from each other about achievement of
organisational goals and about balance between organisational goals and personal goals.

30-40 hours of Leadership Development
Facilitator: Ken Gilbert

(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

 Requests for copies of three evaluation reports prepared by Professor Emeritus Brian Hansford, Testimonials from past Circle members, and the history of Leadership Circles in Australia are invited. Please contact me as above.